border fence in ocean between imperial beach and tijuana


As a result of the April 2023 Water Across Borders binational workshop, teams wrote proposals for seed funding. Ten Kickstart projects were selected for funding for the collaborative US-Mexico teams, spanning a range of themes from microplastic pollution to community engagement on climate change (see Table 1 below).

Table 1. Water Across Borders Summer 2023 Kickstart Projects

Project Title US collaborators Mexico collaborators and institutions
Fragmentation and degradation of macroplastics in riverine environments in the US-Mexico border region Natalie Mladenov* (PI) and Linda Lara Jacobo (co-PI) Fernando Wakida* (UABC, Tijuana, PI), Hortencia Silva (UABC, Ensenada, co-PI)
Remote Sensing of Wetland and Agricultural Land Cover Change in the Mexicali Valley *Daniel Sousa (San Diego State) *Francisco José Del Toro Guerrero (Instituto de Ingeniería UABC Mexicali), Rodrigo Méndez Alonzo (CICESE), Jesús Eliana Rodríguez Burgueño (Instituto de Ingeniería UABC Mexicali), Jorge Ramírez Hernández (Instituto de Ingeniería UABC Mexicali)
Building Resilience to Climate Change Impacts through Community Engagement in Water Management: A Comparative Study of California and Baja California Amy Quandt* SDSU Mariana Villada-Canela* Autonomous University of Baja California UABC MX
Groundwater balance in Colorado River Delta and Mexicali *Trent Biggs (SDSU); Dan Sousa (SDSU) *Jorge Ramirez Hernandez (UABC-Mexicali); Jesus Eliana Rodriguez Burgueño(UABC Mexicali)
Water availability and quality along the Southern- Baja California border region under a changing climate Fernando De Sales* (SDSU), Hassan Davani (SDSU) Thomas Kretzschmar* (CICESE)
Socio-economic equality and environmental sustainability of Southern California and Baja California wineries Fernando De Sales* (SDSU), Ami Doshi (SDSU), Amy Quandt (SDSU) Tereza Cavazos* (CICESE), Thomas Kretzschmar (CICESE)
Sustainability improvements in decentralized water reuse in Tijuana as a model for water scarce regions Natalie Mladenov (PI, SDSU)* Armando Arteaga (PI, Colef)*, Gabriela Munoz Melendez (co-PI, Colef), Lina Ojeda-Revah (co-PI, Colef)
Evaluation of microbial communities and antibiotic resistance genes in two wastewater treatment plants in the US-Mexico border region (Imperial Valley and Mexicali Valley). *Linda Lara-Jacobo, SDSU (Imperial Valley) *Matthew Verbyla, SDSU (San Diego) *Eliana Rodriguez, UABC (Mexicali)
Unconventional measurements for a complete evaluation of Tijuana River water and soil Marta Miletic- Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering SDSU Mercedes Teresita Oropeza Guzmán* - Tecnologico Nacional de Mexico Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana, Marisela Martínez Quiroz- CETYS Universidad
Vegetation as a Nature-based Solution Against Shallow Landslides and Erosion in Tijuana, Mexico

Marta Miletic (*), San Diego State University, [email protected]

Lina Ojeda Revah* (El Colegio de la Frontera Norte (El COLEF), [email protected], Rodrigo Méndez Alonzo, Centro de Investigación Científica y de Educación Superior de Ensenada (CICESE), [email protected], Armando Areaga, (El COLEF), [email protected]

* Indicates Project Principal investigator(s)